Career Changes & Job Searches during The Pandemic


September 16


12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

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Irish Network Bay Area

Are you planning a job/career change? Is the Pandemic causing concern? Join the conversation with our panel examining these topics and more.

The past six months have seen tremendous change in the U.S. and World economies. 42.6 million Americans have filed for unemployment insurance benefits during the Coronavirus Pandemic. This number is concerning and many of us are wondering about the stability of the companies we work at, the professions we enjoy and the places in which we reside. 

If you were planning a job or career change before the Pandemic this event may have given you pause for thought. This might be the time to be sheltered in place in your current job or career. Or is this a good time for change?

This discussion will be an exploration of the new hiring environment we find ourselves experiencing. Whether you are currently employed and considering a change or newly laid off and starting a job search you will want to hear what our experts have to say. Fidelma Butler, Vice President of Talent and Organization at Zen Desk and Wendy Chin, Director of Pinnacle Hr will share their insights and advice. 

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