Design Thinking at Stanford

We were delighted to be invited back to the at Stanford for a Design Thinking workshop. Led by Professor, Investor, Author and Irishman Stuart Coulson; it was an engaging and creative evening

Several black and red pens lie on a paper packet

The Design Thinking Workshop is a methodology for creative problem solving that asks participants to follow a proven design process with their partner. In this workshop, we were challenged to Design a new Oran Hygiene Experience for our partners. In tables of 4, we split into groups of 2 and got to work.
There was an interview portion, capturing and synthesizing findings and defining a problem statement. After that, we got to work on prototyping the solution with a vast array of props including toothbrushes!

Stuart guided us through the entire process, giving pointers and highlighting common errors in the discovery process. It was great to watch all the inventions take shape – from tooth spas to on demand dentistry. A few brave souls offered to present their prototypes to a rapt audience.